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Since becoming an attorney in 2009, I have been primarily focused on family law matters concerning domestic violence and issues around divorce and custody. I have helped hundreds of victims of abuse in obtaining stalking/family violence protective orders. I have helped many respondents in these cases reach agreements that help protect their rights and still get them on the track they need to be on. As a Guardian ad Litem, I have investigated allegations of abuse, neglect, parental alienation, and many other issues.  Whether your case involves abuse allegations or not, I specialize in high conflict situations and working to help the parties reach a resolution, or help the Court to establish what is in the best interest of the children. 

In the past couple of years I have added mediation, adoption, and assisted reproduction to my practice areas. 

Regardless of your type of case or needs, you can count on having a one on one relatiosnhip with dedicated personal service. We only take a limited number of cases at a given time to ensure you get the attention you deserve. 


Outside of my legal career, I have a long history of serving my community and volunteer activism. I have served on several non-profit boards relating to civil rights, community improvement, and yes a homeowners association board. Helping people and my communities is a part of who I am, and that is something I will bring to your case.


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