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Why should you use mediation?


One of the most important things about mediation is that it lets you have some control over the outcome. When you put things into the hands of a third party like a judge you don’t know what they will decide. Maybe they are a great Judge but having a bad day. Maybe they simply don’t believe your side of things, you don’t know and so it’s a roll of the dice. When you mediate you have a chance to have some control over the outcome. Even in cases that go to mediation, but are not successful at coming to an agreement during the mediation, you will learn more about your case and may even better understand the other party’s perspective.


Mediation also helps you control the costs associated with your case. Mediation is much faster than going to court and can avoid many of the costs of litigation. By getting to a resolution faster you can save money and get on with your lives.


Unlike the court process which is very formal and adversarial, mediation is much less formal and is about working together towards a resolution. Because of this lack of formality, you can cover broader issues than what might be allowed in a courtroom.


Mediation is also private. What is discussed in mediation is confidential and this allows for people to be honest and not hold back. People often have a lot of emotions involved in their case and being able to discuss these emotions can help people feel like they are getting more out of the process than a courtroom would allow. This in turn leads to a much higher level of satisfaction in the outcomes of mediation when compared to the outcome of going to court.


Finally, when mediation leads to settlement, people tend to be much more likely to abide by the terms of the settlement since both parties had a part in coming up with the agreement.


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